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Open Science
21. September 2023
CAIS, Zoom

Open Science

QPD-Modul 2: Datenkompetenz & digitale Methoden

Kick-start your journey into Open Science practices in this hands-on workshop. You will be introduced to the principles of Open Science and research software engineering, reinforcing the norms of good scientific practice.

The workshop will cover:

  • Open Science: What is it and why does it make sense?
  • Project setup: Learn to efficiently organize your project’s files and folders.
  • Data, code, and document management: Understand how to effectively manage and maintain your data, code, and documents.
  • Utilizing different data types: Discover how to work with various data types, such as interviews, web, and social media data.
  • Publication process: Learn about options for publishing your data, code, and documents. The goal of this practical workshop is to equip you with principles and best practices that will enhance your research workflow.

Teilnahme: Die Veranstaltung ist ein Angebot für Mitglieder des Graduate Center für Promovierende.

Quirin Würschinger, with an academic background in linguistics, literature studies, and psychology, earned his PhD in Linguistics from LMU Munich. Currently serving as a research assistant at LMU Munich, he teaches courses in the fields of linguistics and research methodology, focusing his research on language use on the web and social media. He is a fellow of the Open Science Center and committed to promoting the principles of open science and research software engineering, advocating for openness, transparency, and reproducibility in the scientific process.